1995 Trip to Anchorage, Alaska

Anita and Fred took a trip to Anchorage, Alaska in the spring of 1995. Fred joined his friend Dirk to hunt Black Bear in Prince William Sound. Anita did some sightseeing while Fred was hunting. The picture below was taken by Anita during a glacier tour cruise in Prince William Sound. Even though we took this trip in May, there was still a great deal of snow in the sound.

Prince William Sound

In many places, the snow never really melts. This causes glaciers to form. The shot below was taken by Fred from the air of two of the glaciers in the sound. The rugged beauty of this place is hard to describe.

Two Glacier Flows

Chunks of ice break from the glaciers where they meet the water. As you can see, some of these clunks are quite large. The chunks of ice take on a blue color because the ice is so densely packed from the pressures of the glacier flow.

Ice Chunks from a Glacier

The Anchorage area teams with wildlife of all kinds. Moose, Bears and Dall Sheep are common in this area. It is also not unusual to see a Porcupine along the road when driving. In the Sound, we say Otters, Bald Eagles, Swans, Ducks, many types of birds and even an Orca Whale.

"Mr. Porcupine"

Anita took a scenic drive from Anchorage to Portage Glacier. This shot is of the Seward highway which borders a body of water called Turnagain Arm. This part of Alaska provides many majestic scenes where high, snow-capped mountains meet bodies of water.

The Seward Highway and Turnagain Arm

Near the end of the trip after Dirk and Fred returned from hunting, Dirk and his wife Marnie took us to Homer Alaska where we chartered a boat and went fishing for Halibut. As you can see, our group did quite well!

A days catch of Halibut

This was truly one of the most memorable trips that we have taken. Our deepest thanks to our friends Marnie and Dirk for their wonderful hospitality.

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