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We are big Professional Drag Racing fans. We love all types of Drag Racing and typically attend several major events each year. We have been to NHRA, IHRA, and AHDRA National level events over the past few years and have collected many photos and videos of the races. *** Note that some of the videos on this page are large and make take a minute or two to download. Be patient, they are well worth the wait! ***

There is no doubt that the Top Fuel Dragsters are the kings of drag racing today. The sound that you heard when you came to this webpage was pair T/F Dragsters doing a burnout.

Top Fuel Dragster Burnout at 2007 Mac Tools U.S. Nationals

These cars use a 500 ci aftermarket racing motor based on the Chrysler Hemi. They run on Nitromethane fuel and use a combination of supercharging and fuel injection to make over 8,000 hp! These cars literally shake the ground when they run.  The following video shows a Top Fuel Dragster warming up in the pits. Turn your volume up - this video is awesome!

Top Fuel Dragster warming up in the Pits (click here to download a copy)

The following video below shows two Top Fuel Dragsters doing their burnouts at the 2008 NHRA O’Reilly NHRA Spring Nationals in Houston, TX.

Top Fuel Dragster Burnouts (clip here to download a copy)

The modern Nitromethane Fuel Motor is an engineering marvel. These motors only run for about 1 - 2 minutes between total rebuilds! These motors require dual magnetos and two spark plugs per cylinder to keep the tremendous amount of fuel which goes through them lit.

Top Fuel Engine - 8,000 hp on Nitromethane

The Nitro Fuel Funny Cars are close in performance to the Top Fuel Dragsters and they really put on quite a show. They use the same engines as the Top Fuel Dragsters and develop the same 8,000 hp on Nitromethane. Their short wheelbases makes the Fuel Funny Cars one of the most difficult vehicles to drive on the face of the earth. These cars (and the Top Fuel Dragsters) generate over 4G's of acceleration during a run down the 1/4 mi. They cover this distance in 4.5 sec (for T/F Dragsters) or 4.7 sec (for the Funny Cars). Both of these cars accelerate to over 100 mph in the first 60 feet and car reach speeds of 280 mph in 1/8 of a mile. Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars accelerate from a stop to over 330 mph in a 1/4 mile!

Ashley Force doing a Burnout in her Fuel Funny Car at 2007 Mac Tools U.S. Nationals

Nitro Funny Cars a meant to resemble "funny looking" version of street cars. They use bodies made of carbon fiber material and a tube chassis. This makes them very light weight. The bodies flip up to reveal the massive engines and to allow access to the driver's seat. They do spectacular burnouts! The following video shows Ashley Force doing a burnout in her Nitro Funny Car.

Funny Car Burnout (clip here to download a copy)

Funny car are based upon a chassis specially built for drag racing and use a one piece body made of carbon fiber material to provide an aerodynamic shell which creates down force to give the car better traction and stability.

Nitro Funny Car with the body up - 2007 Pro Care Rx SuperNationals at Englishtown, NJ

"Looks like fun" you say but you don't have room for one of these in your garage? Well how about a Nitromethane powered Harley Davidson motorcycle then? They are built around 200 ci aftermarket motors which are fuel injected. They run on the same fuel as the T/F Dragsters and Funny Cars and cover the 1/4 mi in 6.2 seconds at 230 mph! No chute, no cage, no harness - just balls!

Top Fuel Harley at the 2008 AHDRA Nationals in Dallas, TX

The video below shows a Top Fuel Harley warming up in the pits. The sound of these bikes is amazing!

Top Fuel Harley Warming Up in the Pits (click here to download a copy)

The next video shows a Top Fuel Harley doing a burnout. Note how large the rear tire is on these motorcycles.

Top Fuel Harley's Doing a Burnout (click here to download a copy)

These bikes do wheel stands for a good bit of the 1/4 mi when they race. The next video shows two Top Fuel Harley's racing side by side down the 1/4 mi at over 218 mph with their front wheels in the air!

Top Fuel Harley's Race Side by Side at over 218 mph! (click here to download a copy)

Drag racing was not always the hi-tech, mega-dollar sport that it is today. Back in the 50's and 60's, drag racing was mostly an amateur endeavor where competitors used a combination of factory vehicles and speed parts to compete. One of the best classes to emerge during this time was the Gasser. These were 1940-era coupes with 60's era OEM motors whose power output was increased via fuel injection and a supercharger. There was no better example of the 60's era Gasser than the car campained by K. S. Pitman. The following video shows the classic 60's Blown Gasser built and campaigned by K. S. Pitman during an exhibition run at Englishtown, NJ.

K. S. Pitman Gasser on Exhibition run at Englishtown, NJ (click here to download a copy)


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