Hunting for Black Bear in Alaska

In Spring of 1995, we were fortunate to be the guests of good friends who live in Anchorage, Alaska. Fred spent a week in Prince William Sound camping and hunting Black Bear. This has to be the most memorable hunting trip Fred has taken. The scenery and wildlife in the Sound were just unbelievable.

We used a Float Plane service to fly our gear in and out of Prince William Sound. There is a large amount of Float Plane traffic out of Anchorage. In fact, there is more Float Plane traffic around Anchorage than that due to Commercial Airlines.

As you can see, Fred was fortunate to take a nice Black Bear on this trip. We had a rug made from the hide of this bear. He had very thick fur as he had just come out of hibernation. His hide measures about 6 1/2 feet from corner to corner.

To see some additional sights from this trip including some shots from a fishing trip for Halibut, click here.

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