Hunting for Exotics and Whitetail Deer in Texas

Fred has made several trips to the Hill Country of Texas to hunt Exotic Game and Whitetail Deer. This part of Texas tends to provide thick cover and abundant food sources for many animals. Pictured below is an Axis Deer which was taken on a private ranch. The Axis Deer is noted for is large antlers and a very beautiful coat. These deer never loose their spots.

The next picture shows a Blackbuck Antelope. These animals are fast and very "spooky". The first sight of a human and they turn and run. Fred was quite fortunate to take this animal at over 200 yards as it started to move away at a fast walk when he entered the area where it was feeding.

Texas also provides the opportunity to hunt many types of Rams and Exotic sheep. Fred is shown here with a Corsican Ram that he took with a Thompson Center Contender Pistol chambered in 45-70 Government.

One of the most interesting Exotic Animals of Texas is the Sika Deer. This animal looks like a miniature Elk. As you can see, it has a similar horn structure to an Elk and has a call similar to an Elk's "bugle".

Finally, the Hill Country of Texas is a great place to hunt Whitetail Deer. The animal shown below is a 10-point buck which is typical of the Whitetail population in this part of Texas.

The Texas Hill country is a beautiful setting for hunting and sightseeing trips. I hope that you enjoyed these pictures!

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