Hunting Pronghorn Antelope in Wyoming

We have taken several trips to Wyoming and South Dakota to do a combination of hunting and animal photography. We have been hunting Pronghorn Antelope on the Durham Buffalo ranch near Gillette, Wyoming for several years. The picture below is of an Antelope that Fred took a few years back on this ranch.

The Durham Ranch is a large and wondrous place to roam. The ranch is about 60,000 acres in size. The primary use for all of this land is to raise Buffalo.

As you can see, the ranch is quite picturesque. On a clear day, the sky seems to go on forever.

There are many different animals which call the Durham Ranch home. These include Mule Deer

Pronghorn Antelope, Badgers and Prairie Dogs.

A hunt such as the ones that we have been doing in Wyoming typically last about a week. We stay in a hotel in Gillette and hunt during the day on the ranch. This is pretty cushy as hunting trips go.

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