Our Kitty Cats


Tammy is the most affectionate cat on earth! She loves to give hugs and her favorite place to be is on a lap. If it is nighttime and there are no laps around, her next favorite place is to curl up on my pillow around my head like earmuffs.



Sammy (a.k.a The Tounce) is the head cat of the household. His favorite pastime is eating. He won't let anyone forget when it is suppertime! Sammy is also very affectionate and is lead mouse catcher of the family. His second favorite hobby is collecting and playing with milk-rings. He can leap in the air and catch one in his mouth almost every time. But - he will not bring them back - fetching is something that is done by that inferior species of house pet!



Alvin is named after that famous cartoon rodent and he live up to his name! He was about 13 years old when he passed away but he still thought he was a kitten. Alvin never had a hard time finding trouble to get into. He was interested in everything - a very curious kitty! Besides being the world's most curious cat, he also was the world's cutest. He had the cutest white belly but you better not touch it! Here he is after a weekend when Morn and Dad were home for two whole days. Trying to stay up with his people was a little too much for him.

One hobby that all of the kitties share is window sitting. Here are Tammy and Sammy (as a kitten) on a warm summer day.

As you can see, The Tounce (Sammy) is not happy about having company!




Shelby is one of our latest additions.  We adopted Shelby and her sister Leanne in April 2002.  Shelby's favorite hobby is racing.  She loves to run down the longer hallways in our house.  She also loves to relax by laying on her back and showing her belly.


   She has a little "tabby spot" in the middle of her belly that she loves to show off!


Leanne is the other new addition to the family. Her nickname is "MaMa" since she was found by Kitty Angels along with her kittens. Leanne is a very friendly kitty - when we have guests over to our house, she is a regular party animal, going from guest to guest to be petted!  We adopted Leanne and Shelby together - they are best of friends and are inseparable!  Both Leanne and Shelby were adopted from Kitty Angels  where the received the best of care before we became their parents.  Leanne's  nickname is "MaMa" since she was found by Kitty Angels along with several of her kittens.

Mama's favorite hobbies are chasing her laser mouse around and watching TV.  Her favorite channel is Animal Planet and her favorite DVD is Video Catnip!


We also recently adopted a Tabby Cat named Zeke. Zeke is very cute and playful. He loves little furry mice and he has a lot of energy! Christmas is Zeke's favorite time of year because he gets lots of new toys to play with. Zeke is very affectionate and likes to hang out with his people.

Click on any of the kitty pictures for a surprise! All of out kitties love to play at Christmas time! Click on the videos below to see them in action.

Sammy and Alvin at Christmas (clip here to download a copy)

Mama, Shelby and Zeke at Christmas (clip here to download a copy)

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